Bento Box Atlanta is a full service animation studio that produces programming for broadcast, cable, and streaming networks, as well as produces commercials, branded content, and motion graphics for major brands and artists. The company creates animated content for a variety of clients, including Adult Swim, Comedy Central, Fox, SyFy, Netflix, Hulu, Disney, and Broadway Video. Established by Bento Box Entertainment in 2012, the Atlanta studio has proven itself to be an innovative digital production pipeline with a strong focus in 2D animation ranging from traditional to puppeted, as well as hybrid animation. Bento Box's wide range of talented artists allows the company to offer unique concept art for characters, props, and background designs, storyboards and animatics, and full editorial support for any of its clients' needs. 






Pilots ・TV Series ・ Feature Films ・ Commercials ・ Music Videos

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